Global GreenTag

Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels. 

They independently assure that every product is fitness tested and certified under their leading certification programs that use the robust methodology of the Global GreenTag International standard to provide evidence of our environmentally preferable products. That's why we're very proud to have our Aerial and Rise worksystems Global GreenTag Certified to Level A.

Global GreenTag also helps professionals meet the NZGBC Green Star Interiors maximum rating and Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star® ‘Life Cycle Impacts’ credits with its EPD reporting.

There are a number of public good benefits derived from environmental labelling schemes:

 These include:

  • The promotion of economic efficiency
  • The reduction of consumer information costs
  • The crowding-out of 'green wash' claims
  • The validation of products in a competitive trading environment
  • The increase of environmental awareness
  • The reduction of impacts of consumption
  • The enhancement of key environmental strategies

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