Vecos Lockers

Vecos Lockers

Storage needs are changing with the introduction of new ways of working, learning, exercising and relaxing. Because of this, fixed cabinet storage is less and less perceived as the best possible solution.

Vidak is proud to be the exclusive Vecos partner in providing smart dynamic locker management solutions for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Over 20,000 lockers to date delivered and installed in this market by Vidak.

The Vidak + VECOS locker management system allows organisations to better tailor personal storage space to demand now and in the future.

And often this is quite different than expected.

Every organisation has to find their own path to new ways of more flexible working. This means that they need storage space that gives them the flexibility to explore the different options and levels of flexibility. Locker management systems are the only way to enable this by providing a smart interface for locker allocation and monitoring. Double usage and claiming behaviour can be avoided and lockers are secure and convenient to where an individual needs to be within a building or campus.

Vidak has integrated the Vecos smart locker technology with its own designed and manufactured lockers that can be built to your specification for your environment.

With the Vidak + VECOS locker management system employees or students can request their own locker, and release it again. The assignment of cabinet space is mostly linked to the (existing) personal card for access to the building or student registration. With a Vidak + VECOS locker management system the transfer of lockers from one user to the next does not require the involvement of the locker manager.

The Vidak + VECOS locker management system is suitable for static (organisation allocated), dynamic (user allocated) and combined locker use.

In practice, not everyone has the same storage needs. With lockers mounted with a Vidak + VECOS locker system, employees can request storage space everywhere and at all times. The system ensures that users cannot have multiple lockers at the same time or use a locker for too long. Practice has taught that the number of lockers can be reduced by up to 50% when opting for hot lockers with the Vidak + VECOS locker system, compared to a fixed system where a locker is assigned to every potential user.

Moreover, because storage space is requested by the users themselves, the locker manager’s involvement is not needed.

We’d like to help your organisation in the process of increasing the flexibility of storage space, since employees and students are increasingly less bound to a fixed working or learning space.

After all, what is a flexible workspace without flexible storage space?



With Releezme employees can locate free lockers by themselves at the Vecos touch screen terminal using their access card or even more dynamically with the Releezme app on their smartphone.

The feature to send (automated) push notifications to employees occupying a locker they no longer use is unique. It is the locker itself that indicates when it should be released.

Below we show you why this feature is a real game changer.

Releezme helps employees to let go of old habits step-by-step and get acquainted with the concept of Activity Based and Flexible Working.

Employees can choose between a fixed locker or a flexible locker. A fixed or appointed locker particularly suits people and organisations that are still very committed to a fixed zone or workspace. Flexible locker use is more suitable for people and organisations that have already grown accustomed to the dynamic use of office space.

Automated push notifications ensure that the flexible lockers are not used as fixed lockers.

Releezme also offers the option for team storage where multiple users can operate the same locker.

Market leader VECOS has extensively researched locker usage based on Activity Based Working. In multiple cases 95% of all available lockers were occupied, but only 50% were actually used over a 3 month period!

The reason for this is simple, employees have started using storage space differently and don’t need as much of it anymore. Instead of a lot of personal storage space, employees increasingly need temporary storage space which is not bound to a specific location.

Automated push notifications ensure that lockers are not claimed and that up to 60% of storage space can be saved.

Even in modern office buildings no less than 10% of the available floor space is being used for storage space. With Releezme this could be reduced by 50%!

Lockers change owners, even appointed lockers do. This is connected, among others, to the usual flow of employees starting and ending employment and employees moving (internally) or changing positions.

Traditionally each change of owner requires involvement of the facilities manager. The inspection and emptying of lockers of which the owner is unknown or has already left, is the most time consuming.

The amount of work regarding locker management increases the moment an organisation becomes more dynamic and becomes more familiar with the concept of Activity Based or Flexible Working.

Releezme is not only easy to use for employees, but also for the facilities manager. Releezme operates from the self-service principle. Employees are themselves made responsible for safe locker use.

The facilities manager remains on top of things by means of reports and real time monitoring.


It all starts with the right lock

For Releezme each cabinet or locker is equipped with an electronic lock by VECOS. The lock is safely connected to management software. The lock is equipped with anti-theft protection, LED lighting and recharging facilities for USB appliances. The lock comes in different versions.

The smart lock truly delivers: it’s simple to use and robust to guarantee longevity. It’s no coincidence that there are already over 200,000 VECOS locks in use worldwide (over 16,000 in NZ).

Every type of required use is possible

Activity Based Working changes needs regarding storing items which requires a system that caters to these needs.

Releezme offers the possibility to work with fixed, flexible and team lockers. These options can be varied and combined to offer employees either the stability or the flexibility they need for storing their belongings.

To be able to offer storage space at all times algorithms were developed to prevent inappropriate use of storage space. You decide what defines inappropriate use and Releezme does the rest.

Innovation within reach

The office building of today and tomorrow is more than just a place where employees can convene. It’s clear that the available office facilities have become part of the list of criteria what makes a business attractive to work for and contribute considerably to employee satisfaction.

Innovative concepts like Smart Buildings provide a more manageable office and offer employees useful applications. The data from Releezme can be used (anonymously) as a data source, by integrating these data with business intelligence applications; the employee routing and the usage of storage space can be optimised even further.

Safe in the cloud

Releezme is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning less IT management. Data safety is the focus point in the architecture of Releezme, all data and communications are encrypted. Releezme is being subjected to ethical hacking frequently, a reassuring thought.

We naturally work in accordance with privacy laws. You own and will continue to own your own data. Data will not be sold to third parties and usage analyses to further improve the system are conducted with anonymized data only.