Chat Chair

Best Design Awards Finalist 2016A quiet, private place in your busy open office. A spot to retreat and work alone. Somewhere to make a phone call in peace. A secluded and comfortable two-person meeting room. A stylish and beautiful addition to your officescape, and a versatile and indispensable addition to your workflow.

ProductsThat’s the Chat Chair.

As modern offices increasingly embrace openness, shared spaces and activity-based layouts, workers find themselves wishing for their very own “cone of silence” to allow them moments to work in quiet, seclusion, and privacy. What if an ingenious piece of furniture could turn a square metre of space anywhere in your office into a retreat from the hubbub? The name says ‘Chair’, but the Chat Chair is really a whole room - in just one piece of iconic New Zealand design.

Everything has been thought of. Bold wrap-around wings with high-grade acoustic foam make for great privacy and quiet. There’s a large space under the seat perfect for stowing your bag while you work. The clever, swivelling tabletop switches sides - for right-handed people or lefties. And optional power and fast-charge USB points can be mounted under the seats. Privacy, storage, a table, a chair and power: what else do you need in a room?

Or place two Chat Chairs face to face. Now you’ve got a small and perfectly formed meeting room for proving that two heads are better than one.

The Chat Chair is sumptuously upholstered in your custom fabrics and colours. 21st century ergonomic design of the internal armrests, seat, back and tabletop ensures you’ll read, write, chat and think in complete comfort. And of course it’s from Vidak so the attention to detail, design and craftsmanship are second-to-none.

Whether you want a place to call your own for five minutes, or you need to ask someone to ‘step into my office’, you can do it in a Chat Chair. It’s the modern answer to a modern question. It’s the calm eye of the storm.

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