Retreat Mini Booth

Retreat’s range of workplace solutions elegantly caters to the demands of a dynamic work environment, enhancing productivity.

Retreat Mini Booth encompasses seating, screens a work surface, and power solutions, forming the fundamental elements of an exceptional and streamlined workspace. Whether fostering collaborative work or providing secluded focus havens.


A True Work Setting

Designed for work and with mobile technology in mind, Retreat Mini Booth was developed with a focus on ergonomic principals and standards for work settings. Vidak’s Shift table solution is integrated into all Retreat Booth settings to provide a real alternative ergonomic work point with integrated power.


Unparalleled Comfort

Our designers have meticulously crafted Retreat seating to achieve a harmonious blend of comfort and support, fostering an environment where users can remain invigorated and fully engaged in their work for extended periods. Employing construction techniques often associated with upscale residential lounge seating, and enhanced by high-quality, supportive foam in both the seat and lumbar areas. Retreat sets a new standard for ergonomic excellence through the feeling of "energy in the seat" producing unmatched comfort.



Distractions can be frustrating in an open plan workplace.  Careful consideration has been given to the design of the Retreat Mini Booth screens, particularly the height and acoustic properties ensuring people have the space they need to focus on their own tasks or collaborate with others within the workplace and without visual or noise disturbance. 


Adapted for Technology

Intended for use as an individual or dual work setting for focus work or video conferencing, Retreat Mini Booth is designed to integrate technology including 34” curved monitors, docking/power and VC solutions to enable uninhibited productive work.