Love Your Work(place): Vidak Product Launch 2019

Wed, 10 Jul 2019

A year of research and design culminated in a recent Vidak product launch and pop-up showroom at the Emirates Team New Zealand base on July 3. 

The Background

Our design team are constantly working on new concepts to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace. By late 2018, new Vidak design concepts, along with solutions from key global partners, Boss Design and Thinking Works / Forza, were amassing into a significant collection. The idea formed to launch these new products in one celebratory event. 

Around the same time Vidak became official suppliers to Emirates Team New Zealand and fit out their third floor office space (the Viaduct Events Centre) with new workstations, breakout furniture and storage solutions. ETNZ's new modern office space will be their home for the next few years as they plot the 2021 America’s Cup defence.

As suppliers, we gained access to an event space on the second floor of this prominent building on the Auckland Viaduct - just large enough to hold all the new product we had been accumulating. The solution was a natural one - an event at the ETNZ base to celebrate our new product range and demonstrate our support for great New Zealand design and ingenuity. 

As Jono Vidak puts it: "As a business we receive a number of “opportunities” to sponsor/support organisations. It's not always easy to figure out which are genuine. However, when ETNZ approached with an opportunity to jump on board as a supplier,  it was an easy decision to say yes. There are lot of synergies between our organisations. Both represent the Kiwi, can-do attitude and strength on a global stage. Both are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the pack. And both are successfully doing "more with less" and on a budget far less than bigger overseas outfits.

"Just like in boat design, New Zealand has carved out a unique, leading-edge in workplace design. Vidak is always keeping an eye on what's happening globally to ensure no potential for a competitive edge is missed. Being able to showcase our new innovations at the headquarters of the America's Cup defenders was a perfect fit."

Preparation and Planning

Over a matter of months, more than ten new Vidak products were designed and manufactured. The latest textiles, finishes and colours were picked. Product details were refined and refined again. New technology and lighting solutions were integrated as they came available.

The installation was completed over two days, with the logistics and project management team working under tight deadlines and on a site with multiple restrictions and security requirements.

Celebration of New Zealand Design

The launch event was a celebration of New Zealand design, and of Kiwi strengths in pushing the boundaries.

"While ABW was the last big trend, there are also new, agile workstyles and methodologies emerging. The challenge for us at Vidak is to translate the strategy into the physical, with solutions that are both innovative and practical. We felt the need to inspire the market to think differently about workplace. Our new range is about disrupting the space and creating a landscape within the workplace that supports and encourages wellbeing, culture and innovation," says Jono.

Product Rollout

This new range of furniture enables the following:

  • Better collaboration and communication - furniture that allow teams to easily congregate to brainstorm/generate ideas faster, but also fosters culture and aligns an organisation to a common goal
  • Flexibility – the ability to move around and work to the required task at hand and also allow you to adapt and change with the times.
  • Access to the necessary technology to work smarter
  • Well-designed, properly proportioned solutions that enable users to perform to the task at hand

View a floorplan with all product solutions here

We’ll be rolling out the products over the next six months as they become available. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Vidak products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Special thanks to:
Emirates Team New Zealand
And our partners:
Furniture + Technology: Boss Design Group, Forza / Thinking Works, Vecos, Zens
Seating: Buro Seating, Eden
Electrical Equipment: CMS Electracom
Lighting: Energylight, KKDC
Monitor Arms + Lighting: Freelogic
Plants: Ambius
Fabric: Textilia, Warwick, Vivid 
Rugs: Warwick / Weave