Laminex New Product Launch

Wed, 03 Aug 2016

It was great to be part of the Laminex New Product Launch event last week and to showcase some of our latest products featuring the great range of new laminates from Laminex and fabrics by Warwick. The team had awesome feedback and it was so great to see our clients making use of all the products displayed at the event.

On display were two of our Huddle Duo Pods featuring different use of laminates and fabrics, The Elements range setting with the Play and Prop tables, the new Rest soft seating with our Random coffee table and Pitch Mobile Board, and a Blade Amoeba bar leaner (a great spot for the large assortment of cheese platters!).

The catering was amazing and the wine and cheese pairing topped off the night to make for a very successful and enjoyable event!